CharTech Solutions (a subsidiary of CHAR Technologies Ltd (TSXV: YES) is a leading technology provider for the growing biogas industry, providing cutting-edge products and solutions to treat the by-products of the biogas process including hydrogen sulfide, liquid digestate, and solid digestate.

For digestate management, CHAR’s pyrolysis system converts digestate into two renewable and valuable outputs; energy and various BioCHAR/biocarbon products. CHAR develops unique BioCHAR/biocarbon products from different feedstocks including SulfaCHAR from digestate, a zero-waste adsorption media solution. In addition, CHAR’s pyrolysis system generates pyrolysis syngas, where a small amount is used to power the system to create a closed-loop, and the excess gas is used to generate renewable energy and offset facilities’ parasitic load. CHAR’s turnkey pyrolysis process ensures there is a consistent and optimal solution to effectively manage digestate, reducing the environmental impacts of trucking and land application, while generating value through BioCHAR/biocarbon and energy generation.

To effectively treat Hydrogen Sulfide and upgrade biogas to RNG, CharTech specializes in engineering turnkey technology solutions for a wide array of projects. We design customized adsorption media vessel systems for biogas operations, including the supply of adsorption media when needed to effectively treat H2S at varying levels of oxygen, pressure, and temperature. CharTech Solutions also delivers a patented wet caustic scrubber technology, System REITHER™. System REITHER™ is a caustic venturi scrubber which offers a small footprint, high efficiency, high reliability, and an adjustable throat to accommodate varying gas flow loading. Featuring a simple and compact design, System REITHER™ is easy to control and maintain, providing a reliable, cost effective H2S solution for landfill gas, biogas and other manufacturing operations.

Finally, CharTech Solutions integrates water treatment technologies including solid/liquid separation, biological treatment, and reverse osmosis to allow RNG projects to safely treat effluent for discharge to the environment, and/or reuse wastewater as part of a closed loop for internal processes. More >>