CleanFuture is a leading clean transportation firm that has worked for over a decade to electrify and improve efficiency of a wide range of vehicle fleets. We are a leading EV service provider and innovator in the California and Oregon Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and other emerging transportation carbon markets. Our Pathway to Savings Rewards program unlocks dormant financial opportunities for fueling fleets with low carbon fuels. CleanFuture continues to showcase this first-mover trait by receiving the first negative carbon intensity electricity pathway certification in California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and we are developing numerous other pathways for biogas-derived electricity for our rapidly expanding network to participate in LCFS, RFS, and other emerging transportation carbon markets. If you would like comprehensive, turnkey low carbon fuels management services for fuel producers and fleets by complying with every aspect of registration, reporting and record-keeping requirements, and knowledge of rulemakings and advancing innovative ways to optimize the revenues received by our customers and partners through CleanFuture’s Pathway to Savings, contact us! More >>