NG Advantage provides the economic and environmental benefits of clean-burning natural gas to power generators, gas utilities, and large industrial end users that do not have sufficient supply from pipeline natural gas. Founded in 2011, the Vermont-based company pioneered trucking compressed natural gas to end users in the US and is the leading provider of virtual pipeline service in the country today. Complementing NG Advantage’s experience with supplying compressed natural gas to utilities and industrial users is its majority owner, Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE), who since 1996 has become a leading supplier of natural gas for transportation systems in North America based on the number of stations and the amount of gasoline gallon equivalents delivered.

Since NG Advantage’s inception, NG Advantage has successfully delivered over 23 Bcf to customer sites in the US. NG Advantage currently serves customers in New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont. The company’s customers include gas utilities — where NG Advantage provides pipeline pressure and capacity support — paper mills, manufacturing facilities, regional hospitals, asphalt plants, food processors, and industrial dry cleaners. More >>